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This weeks Best of Femjoy features a member favorite… the always beautiful Anne P. in But dont just take our word for it… heres what some of Annes fans had to say about her and her latest set;

"my oh my oh my... so lovely... wow."

"Beautiful, completely relaxed, totally nude and utterly sexy - what more could we want? Anne you are a star, the best of the best. Arent these Femjoy girls just wonderful?"

"Anne is so beautiful! She is one of my absolute favorites! What great nudes of her in this set!"

"Its truly wonderful to see how thoroughly Anne has come into her own as a model here. Shes never seemed more comfortable in front of the camera. And there are so many subtle shades of color in her luminous smile that weve come to know and love: a little bit of sensitivity, humor, suggestion, invitation... a beautiful young woman, through and through. Thank you once again, Anne. Youre a wonderful model and a woman to be loved and treasured, always."

"Anne is spectacular, love her beautiful smile that magnify all her many other assets!"

"Anne doesnt owe me a thing but Ive been a slow convert since her debut. This portfolio is just beautiful ! Her makeup and groomed finish are perfect, finally catching up with her always magnificent body. The photographer is to be roundly congratulated for capturing this beautys wholesome lasciviousness."

"Since her debut photo set about 6 months ago this girls portfolio has been getting better and better. Whether it be a full nude open legged picture, or a casual close up such as this, she always show her naturalness and poise, and even her non nude shots are full of sexiness and charisma."

"I can not decide what I like best. Her great nipples or her beautiful pussy. I guess it is both. She is beautiful and sexy. I can not get enough of her."

Well said members. We cant get enough of her either. Thankfully, she really enjoys posing for us so we will take every opportunity to bring her to you that we can get. Until that time, we hope you enjoy this latest set from one of our very best and favorite Femjoy Beauties… enjoy! :)" id="twi27925" onmouseover="twi_light(27925);" onmouseout="twi_dark(27925);" />

More Than Good

This weeks Best of Femjoy features the always beautiful and delightful Anne P. in But rather than go on with what we think, heres a few comments from our members who feel the way we do about this favorite Femjoy Beauty;

"A wonderfully "playful" set, and a wonderfully beautiful woman. Her ease and joy really shines through in this set. Being asked to use props in a shoot can fluster some models, but not this beauty. Well done and thank you to all involved."

"Now I know why I keep coming back to Femjoy, they feature horny women who know how to give a good blow job. Seriously, Anne P is one of my favorite models, not too brassy and shell never be flat."

"Anne is so incredibly pretty. She is lovely beyond words. It is such a privilege to be able to view the delightful naked buttocks of this beautiful girl. I love the little creases that form the shape of her beautiful butt cheeks. Thanks, Anne, for baring your lovely bottom for me."

"Anne is stunning. The face of an angel. She is gorgeous."

"Anne, if you cant play it, I bet I know how we could play."

"Lovely rear view! I hear music!"

"Didnt the old pictures of angels depict them playing trumpets? Anne is an angel for today."

"With poses like this showing off her beautiful bare ass and that sweet smile, Anne always brings me to new heights of arousal and pleasure. MMMmmm so hot."

Well said members. We totally agree. Anne is indeed an angel and we are blessed to have her as one of our many beautiful angels here at Femjoy. If you havent already, check out this latest spread - and all her other spreads - from one of the best of Femjoy. Enjoy!" id="twi27653" onmouseover="twi_light(27653);" onmouseout="twi_dark(27653);" />

Sound Of Music